Hello all. I´m Michele from the greater Mantua area . I´ve been playing for about six years now, started on an half set by Michael Vignoles. Last year I upgraded my gear, now i play on a 3/4 set, chanter by Gordon Galloway and the rest by Richard Patkos. I started to make uilleann pipe reeds in 2010. I was inspired by the works of Cillian O'Brien, Geoff Woof and Andreas Rogge, however the design I use is my own. Reeds are finished and ready to play, though is better to have the pipes close at hand in order to fit the reed properly.

For my reeds I use Spanish cane [Arundo Donax], a brass tube [hand-rolled on request] for the staple, and brass wire for the briddle. For the binding I use a cobbler's waxed thread like the old way, because i find it very airtight.
I can supply just gauged slips too.

To orders & questions feel free to contact me directly at michelebresciani [at] hotmail dot com